working with led fill lights


I was wondering if anyone experimeted with a LED fill light?
After doing my second tour I noticed that I had some shadows when the camera and tripod where in between a window and wall.
I would like to use a walimex pro niova 150 bicolor where I can change the led temperature.

I just am thinking this might cause some problems with the stitching having more pronounced stitching lines.

Grs Bart

Good morning. Yes, I have an LED fill light and it works great. Since I do work on projects where houses and commercial spaces sometimes do not have electricity, I have to document very dark rooms. The LED light works wonders.

I use a Milwaukee 18V LED work light with three light tubes that can be oriented forward or around in 120degree facings like our camera. I thought I’d be able to set it under the tripod, but it casts shadows of the tripod legs. When needed, I orient the tubes forward and wave it around like a madman to light-paint the scene, and it works like a hot-damn. Don’t worry about color temp. as that’s easily adjusted in post. Here’s an example of one I had to do that way.

Todd I’m surprised at how good it turned out, I don’t see any seams.Is that the $500 work light I see online? I know you aren’t concerned about the colour temp but could you test to see what it is? Thanks

In rare cases, I have had to light paint a space, either the entire pano or one darker part of a pano…I shoot stills with a regular camera and use flash, so have used the AD200 to light paint. With the modeling light feature, the AD200 offers 3 power settings, turn on and paint. Mine has the round head on it as well, so distributes light well. Usually in the darker spaces, the shutter is dragged more to give more time for light painting. That said, before I resort to light painting, I will go to “manual exposure” setting first. I have even cheated by a stop between the brighter section of a pano verses the darker part.

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It was a $99 work light. It fits in my PPE bag and I have other Milwaukee tools so I had the batteries already.

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thnx for your feedback. I will maybe buy a second of these led lights and mount them with an angel to get a better overall exposure on the 180°
The pitures look great.
its a bit of a fixer upper though :wink:

Thank you for your feedback, that sounds also very interesting, does the stitch software correct for this cheated stop or do you manually match them correctly before stitching?