Working large spaces -in this case a Cathedral

I have an opportunity to image a Cathedral. Does anyone have recommendations on distance between imagining locations? The pews will provide a constraint on the width as there are aisles down each side of the space and then a center aisle with pews in between. Any suggestions would be gratefully received as this will be my 2nd project and it is a bit daunting!

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This :church: sounds like it is going to be amazing to work on :exclamation: I can’t wait to see it! If I am ever unsure of the distance I click on the map to show me coverage and I can see if/what it is bouncing off of and then I know what I have to capture. I did a warehouse recently and just made sure I kept in a pattern not to loose my place, started on a wall side and worked my way up and down, bouncing off pillars and walls. Good Luck @Kevin_Burleson-Webb

It is quite doable, check out this iGUIDE. This is back from 2016 when we had old-style floor plans and older iGUIDE Viewer.

The pano spacing was bit closer in raw data and some panos were turned off. When in doubt, take extra panos, you can turn them off in published iGUIDE or even delete them in Stitch later, before submitting for draft, if they are not needed to draw walls and there is enough laser data already. Laser scanner range is 10m, so you will get a lot of laser data far out, but in panos things beyond 5m appear small. So if there is content to show, then shoot closer and in wide open spaces just stay closer to the walls unless there is interesting floor pattern in the middle that you would like to show.

Do practice at home to get good visuals and feel comfortable with the results. Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance plus HDR should make it easy, but you need to find that out for yourself. Good luck.

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Thanks Alex!

Thanks Candice -it is very exciting to be able to do this and add to my portfolio.

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My suggestion would be to turn on the view coverage option onsite so you can ensure that you’ve gotten adequate coverage.


Here is the Cathedral tour. It took 4-hours to do but considering this was my third project maybe that is not too bad. The property is about 10,000 sq. ft.


Looks great. I would disable some of the panos personally. Good job.

Kevin, this is absolutely awesome! I’m very involved with our Church and I’d love to do the same.
Last year we opened our new Church. The artifacts that are all over the building came from a Church in New Your (state) that had to be closed. We have some beautiful pieces. (also a Catholic Church called Mary Our Queen in Peachtree Corners GA)

I’m going to be a little lazy here and ask a question that I know has been answered elsewhere. So if the answer is ‘go look it up’ I’ll understand but, how do we price for such a large property? Is that whole area going to be 0.02/sq foot?
I would be doing this for free (as I do everything for the Church) so I would be eating the drafting costs myself.

Thanks again for posting, I can’t believe they let you into the the front of the church. I don’t think I’d be able to do that. We do have a really nice adoration chapel to the left of the alter that many people have not seen. It would be a great chance for people who have never spent an hour in adoration to see this lovely little space.

I just shared it would our music director and he loves the idea. Again, not too many people have been up to the choir loft and enjoyed the view from up there.
(I’m up there every Sunday doing a headcount of attendance :slight_smile:)

It’s a show, very good!
Congratulations I like everything and especially on the organ floor.

There are a lot of panos but each pano on both side aisles are position at stained glass windows or a station of the cross location. In the center aisle, each column has a shield of the Apostle so getting all of the features means a lot of panos. In reviewing I think I need one more :slight_smile:


Hello Peter, thanks for the great response. Cards on the table, I am a member of the church and I used to be a Verger and Lector. My wife is a sub-Deacon so we were pushing against an open-door. The church loves this and have been very supportive. As it is a church where I am a member I have not charged. BTW I used to live in Vinings in Atlanta. BTW if you look closely I took one pano from the Bishop’s seat (the Cathedra), one from the Lecturn and one from the Pulpit. Very few get to stand in the pulpit so the clergy thought it would be fun to allow people that perspective. Blessings, Kevin

No one ever guesses but the organ in the choir loft has over 4400 pipes!

Nice work, Kevin. I hope the cathedral folks are very happy with the results.

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Well done Kevin! I really like the way you positioned all the Panos.
A while back I tried to do one myself and it was a learning experience. I would love to help and say that we did it for a contract. In that instance I only had one hour to shoot and I wanted to do it for my portfolio. I gave it as a gift to the construction company who hired me for other commercial works. Thank you for posting. You got a lot of great advice and feedback. I’m in Tampa. It will be nice to connect.


They are, thanks.

Hi Kevin,
That’s fantastic that you are part of this parish!
I’ve done several events for the church.
Last Christmas I did a Family Photo using green screen. The pictures were used for Christmas cards and letters. We raised over $500 in two afternoons.
When I moved to Atlanta our company had an office in Norcross and that’s why I ended up on that corner of the city. Now 25 years later and I’m still here! I wish I’d been able to move to an area like Vinings, but battling 285 and that 400 intersection would have been a killer every day.
I think you did a very comprehensive job, I know our music director who has a lot of media experience loved it.
I used to lead a KOC Rosary from the Lectern and I never considered that it’s a view that most people don’t get, so thanks for the tip, I’ll make sure to include that view.
I also think that many people would love to see the view from the choir loft, especially the elderly (although we do have an elevator) they just wouldn’t venture up there.

Are you going to see if more churches would like this? I’m life director in our KOC so I have a lot of warm contacts in other parishes. I’m sure I can promote it to churches once I have a model.

It’s also a perfect demo for other commercial property. Large, interesting interior. It will keep clients entertained as they see how an iGuilde would benefit their building.

Luna, great job! I love the rhomboid tile pattern at the Alter. Our alter walls are painted that exact same color. Beautiful church.
His this helped you get any more commercial business?
I really like the Tampa area. Looks like a great place to live.

Great job, Kevin! One suggestion - you may want to review in Stitch every pano for verticals being vertical and adjust manually if Auto did not quite get it right. I can see one at the choir level needing some tweaking. You can then use Replace Pano function on the portal to upload updated panos. You have that functionality available for the first 2 weeks after publishing the iGUIDE.

Hi Peter, the response has been great so far and I am definitely going to be marketing this within the diocese and to other denominations. I also agree with you on commercial spaces in general. I lived in Atlanta during the ‘miracle’ season if you are a Braves fan. Loved it.