WIND Conference 2022

We were excited to join Planitar at this year’s WIND Conference in Orlando, Fl a few weeks ago. The iGUIDE is a core piece of our technological endeavors.

Hi There,
We offer a similar service to our insurance clients here in Australia and i was looking at your website and there was a 3D model similar to matterport, i was wondering if you found or know of a way to turn the iGuide in to a realistic 3D model (like matterport). Also what drone would you recommend for thermal, our client are asking us to look at the roof solor panels for micro fracturing using thermal and was wondering is the enterprise advanced is sufficient or something more advanced like the m300

thanks for any advice you have

All the best,

The 3D model was from when we were using Matterport before switching to iGUIDE. Honestly, it’s not useful for what we want. We are, however, looking into solutions that encompass more surrounding 3D before eventually entering the space. You can other’s work here that does that same.

Drone: The Mavic Enterprise Advanced is one that we use at the moment.
We have an M210 but, honestly , not thrilled with it and barely use it.

thanks so much for replying. in also wasn’t a fan of the matterport system and the insurers didn’t find it particularly useful but they do see the value in the iGuide which is great.

thanks again

all the best