Who wants a "toggle switch" to keep your planix lidar continually scanning...like it used to before the update.

Hey All,

So after recently upgrading to the latest planix firmware this week, I’ve noticed a few things that changed, and not for the better. After asking tech support they suggested I start here. If there’s enough traction, perhaps they’ll get a fix on it.

After updating, the planix now does not continually scan anymore. I’m not sure why, but saving battery life is probably one of the reasons. I’ve never had battery issues in the past. Anyways, in changing this feature, as I’m sure a lot of you know, now every time you make a scan you need to wait for the lidar to spool up again, which is adding a good 5 sec to each shot taken. Furthermore, you now don’t get to see real time scans anymore. Not a huge deal, unless you’re scanning in closets, or areas full of stuff. Before, I would raise the unit over things and see if I was scanning the walls, or getting nice corners, now it’s all a guess and wait deal, which basically sucks. No other way to put it.

I hope one day we’ll get that functionality back. I really miss my green line!! I suggested we get them to bake in a new “toggle switch” in settings similar to selecting shooting modes like Richo HDR, or iguide HDR, or sound settings, etc. In this case it would give you the option to enable the lidar to continually scan like it used to (sacrificing battery life) or keep it set so that you can maximize battery life (adding more scan time to your shoot).

So…who’s still with me here, who wants to see them get the lidar scanning continually somehow again? I’d sure like to see what im scanning again before I hit the button, how about you?


100 % with you.

It ought to be an easy toggle. It’s definitely necessary for the closets or weird nooks in modern houses.

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I’m completely on board with this!!!

I was thinking this today actually, as I waited for each scan to start, all while trying to figure out why it changed. Other than battery life, and as you mentioned I don’t know the reason behind that decision. Battery life has never been an issue for me, but added time on site has now become an issue on EVERY job. It might not seem like much, but I average 60-80 scans per house, so that adds up.

The live scan is not only faster, but it also helps immensely when doing a tight space area to see if you are “hitting” the walls that are needed for a good scan. Now if the scan isn’t ideal , I’m stuck doing another scan, using up even more time!

I would love the option to turn this on as an option. Please. Please. Please.


And this is likely best posted in the Feature Suggestion thread. Not sure if you can move it now though.

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Yes, absolutely agree!

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Good advice, wish I saw that section earlier! Not sure if it’s worth posting there too or not? Also sounds like I’m not the only one who’s interested in getting back the always on lidar too.

Yes I agree

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I would like this changed too. I guess this is why the “no HDR” is so much slower now. I’ve never had the battery go dead on me, so I’ll take the increased speed over longer battery life.

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I agree, a toggle would be a very nice feature to have

+1 even though I’m currently not a planix shooter

I agree!

It’s been disappointing that every new update is just slowing the process down.

I need the speed back!


It’s significantly longer. I’m 20-30 minutes longer on each job now because of this seemingly useless change of the laser powering off between pano captures.

Can an iGuide rep please explain the reason for this change? Beyond battery life that is. And it would seem to me that the laser constantly going on and off would actually be detrimental to its longevity.

Yes. I would like a toggle or similar switch.

As for me, I’m simply not going to upgrade my firmware! Didn’t know about this, but it’s a big, big deal. :confused:

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So disappointed to hear this. The main reason for me buying into the iguide system and the only reason I would use iguide over Matterport is because of the speed of the capture. If it’s slowing down that’s a big problem. (I have both.) If there’s no major time savings for me I will market Matterport over iguide. As it is, Matterport doesn’t require more work from me after the scan is complete.

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I’m still rocking my IMS-5. (Two of them in fact) I might be slower, but I’m not seeing much drama in my life like y’all seem to be. How about an IMS-7 based on a Nikon Z5II or Canon R? On Lens Shark, I heard that Canon has developed a new sensor (for security cams at this point) which can process HDR’s from a single stacked sensor with one pass. There are better options coming I hope. I’m okay with my current speed of capture. If I was burning through a house in 10 minutes, I think my clients might conclude I’m making too much money!

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Todd - The IMS-5 is our preferred tool as well. Incredibly reliant. No big hassles.

Yes, I hear the ims5 is more reliable, and I know the image quality is much better. Thanks for adding that.

Now what if I said there’s an update your system and it’s going to double your capture time and also disable the lidar? Sounds good no?! Guess you guys are lucky theres no update of that kind for your system right now. Definitely keep your gear.

This is why I hope to keep a post going about the frustrations of the latest update for planix users. Hopefully enough of us get on here to post their troubles too and they’ll get a fix in to get it back working the way it was prior to the update, that you can’t downgrade.

Would be great to have the old shooting speed back and the live view again. I think the lowest I’ve ever manged to get the Planix battery is 50% and that was using it at 6 different homes in a day. If you are shooting for 8 hours solid maybe I could see it dying but at that point investing in a second battery might be a good plan.

Would much rather they focused on speed of shooting and image quality improvement than worry about battery life.


+100. This right here.

I can charge the Planix as I drive between shoots if I have to – not that I ever have had to. Battery life is a non-issue for me.