Tips for speed: how to shoot iGuides faster



This thread is an invitation for iGuide Operators to share their tips about how to minimize time when shooting an iGuide. The tips can include not only using the iGuide camera, but also shooting still images and handling interactions with owners/agents and anything else that helps save time onsite as well as at home using Stitch and doing other post-procesing. Please contribute and we will compile and post a list of recommendations.

You can also include real-life examples on how long it took you to shoot a certain property: provide details about property size, whether it was furnished, had anyone else onsite, whether you took still images, etc. See this post by @DougLogan for an example Using iGuide just for floor plans and measurements.

So, what do you do to save time?


Here are some tips to move faster:

  1. Communicate to the homeowner/agent that all objects that should not be seen in the photos need to be removed. I’ll ask them to pick a dump room and move everything there (ie. garage, storage closet).

  2. Ask the homeowner/agent to turn on all lights.

  3. Rotate the camera as soon as the final exposure is taken. The camera will say taking picture for a few seconds while it fuses the three photos into a single one. You can rotate the camera while this message is displayed on screen to save time.

  4. Turn off HDR for spaces that don’t require it.

  5. To eliminate taking extra panoramas choose locations that offer a good view for measurement and visuals simultaneously.


FYI This is the iGuide that I did as referenced by Alex: