Using iGuide just for floor plans and measurements

I’m looking to purchase a 3D tour system. However one of the problems I have where I am at is pricing. I’m trying to cost out some packages I could offer. One of those would be room measurements and floor plans only. Does anyone do this currently? Even if I profit $30-$50 on that service I’m fine with that. The next package would be the full standard tour with a higher price tag. Can you just walk around with this thing to measure a space without capturing?

I have often thought that the laser measurement coupled with a low resolution video during the walk-through would be sufficient for the drafters to do the floorplans? It would be very fast.

Do you know if the camera can be used independently of the proprietary hardware? I assume there is a USB connection to the camera. Is it easily accessible? I would love to be able to sell my sigma 8mm and nodal ninja. I have one Tour company that requires that setup for their hotel packages, but theiy also require raw brackets to be dumped to their FTP server.

Our drafting team needs panos taken by the camera through the calibrated lens to correctly place windows and other objects. Both panos and laser data are equally important and both are needed for producing full-featured floor plans. Using the data produced by the system without it having been processed by Planitar would be a violation of terms of service.

iGuide workflow is the fastest way to produce 3D tours and publish 360 photos to Facebook and Google Street View. You may consider researching it more to see if your tour company will be better served with the iGuide solution. Contact our sales team for more info.

Its ridiculous how fast you can do a home with this system when you’re an experienced operator: I did a 3400sf home yesterday in 40 minutes. That included turning all the lights on and off when I was finished, as well as taking a full set of listing photographs.
Yes, the home was vacant and nobody was there, but it’s so fast.
I processed the full set of home data including still images in less than 10 minutes.


Doug, that is amazing. I will start a new thread where I will invite you and others to share their tips for speed.