Statistics about benefits of using iGUIDE

I am trying to increase my SEO and listened to Jared Bauman’s presentation in the PFRE streaming library. One of his suggestions is to add facts and data to your website to increase your website’s profile in a search. Where can I find stats like:
% of listings that closed more quickly because of a virtual tour
virtual tours created % more traffic to a listing
Floorplans created % more traffic to a listing
% of homes with virtual tours that sold over asking

Or anything else that I can use on my website and to market the iGUIDE during these slow months and line up some new agents for the spring.

Relevant data like that would be great to have.

I think @Michael could have some of that. I’m tagging him here, but I don’t know if he spends time in these forums.

I have used this in the past and clients find it very interesting. It changes slightly from year to year, but order stays roughly the same.


I recommend reviewing the Media section on our website. We publish a lot of content that you can re-use in your marketing:

Of interest for this particular question is this study. Worth noting is that this was a pre-Covid study back from 2017-2018:

Also, search this forum for NAR and Zillow homebuyer studies. While they are also back from 2018, you can google for more up-to-date NAR and Zillow reports online:


Alex, I just wanted to thank you for pulling all that info together. It is very helpful.


Thanks Alex! This will be a big help for updating my website.