2018 NAR Report

Available for free here: https://www.nar.realtor/sites/default/files/documents/2018-home-buyers-and-sellers-generational-trends-03-14-2018.pdf

Home buyers still consider floor plans as very important and floor plans are still near the top of the list at 51% (page 62 in PDF).

Thank you for sharing this information Alex, it’s very helpful. I find the stats on popularity of video to be curious, unless Canada is just very different from the US in terms of tastes in marketing. I get asked for video walk throughs (which I do not do and have to contract out) on a regular basis, often in addition to the iGuide, yet video comes out low in the stats.

Great info! I’m also in Canada, and we do a ton of video - I would suggest that the NAR report is (as the sub-title on the report says) what “Buyers” found very useful - therefore buyers don’t find the video very useful.

My clients that use video are doing so for their own branding and search ranking more than a feature that gets buyers into houses.

Absolutely agree: video has nothing (almost) to do with selling homes and everything (almost) to do with selling agents. It is an incredible social media marketing tool if used correctly by real estate pros.