Spot Removal Tool

I’ve had a dust spot on my sensor for about 6 months. It’s low in the frame, so I haven’t sent the camera in to have it fixed.

I would love to have a simple spot removal tool in Stitch so I could get rid of the spot when its on a solid coloured wall or carpet.

Great suggestion Michael. Photoshop is very good, but the spot removal process is not fun when you have 3 panos to check and or edit.

Have you tried Alex’s suggestion for dealing with sensor spots at Sensor spots on IMS-5? That worked for me.

Yes i tried, thanks. The red spots generated by the camera when halogen lights above come down onto the lens also annoys me, therefore it could be useful to have a spot removal even just for that.

Ah, too bad.

When my spot first showed up it was right in the middle of the frame. I tried all Alex’s suggestions last summer and it wouldn’t move. I was going to have to pay about $500 shipping plus the repair bill from Planitar to have it cleaned. Then, the camera fell over on me outside on soft ground. It moved the spot so its lower in the frame now and not as noticeable.

I feel bad on new construction or light coloured properties when the spot doesn’t blend in well and is noticeable. It’s way to much trouble to edit it out in PS or LR, but if there were a quick spot removal tool in stitch it would take no time to get rid of it.