Sensor spots on IMS-5

Hi everyone,

As I’m processing a property I shot today and for the first time I’m seeing sensor spots on the panos.

What’s the procedure for cleaning the sensor on an IMS-5? I’m familiar and comfortable with cleaning sensors on DSLRs but I don’t want to affect calibration or complicate anything.


The camera is not user-serviceable (doing so would void warranty), so if what you are seeing are indeed dust specks on the sensor, the camera would need to come back to us for sensor cleaning and subsequent lens re-calibration. There will be a service and return shipping fees, unless the camera is under warranty. Without lens calibration panoramas will have large stitching artifacts and wavy distortions along horizontal lines that are supposed to be straight.

The dust may get formed inside the camera over time, for example from particles separating from the shutter. Most often, however, it may be dust or residue on the front of the lens that does not come off easily and may need wet cleaning. That being said and unlike in still photos, minor imperfections in panoramas, like dust, red ghost spots or small stitching artifacts practically never cause end-user complaints, as the user is focused on processing the enormous amount of information available in 360 images.

Hi Alex, here’s what I’m seeing in Stitch. Are these sensor spots?

Judging from the size, darkness and how sharp they are, most likely yes. Spots on the front of the lens would look larger, whiter and more diffuse. But check the front of the lens as well.

Gentle tapping on DSLR while keeping the sensor in vertical orientation may dislodge it from the sensor and make it fall down or it may do so on its own with time. You may keep the DSLR in LiveView mode and zoomed on the dark spot to monitor, while doing that.

Thanks Alex. I’ll try that first and will be in touch with support if it doesn’t clear up.