Recommeded tripod for Planix

Beside Oben AT-3535 Folding Aluminum Travel Tripod with BE-208T Ball Head . Is there any other option for new iguide Planix ? I am new so please help!.
Thank you

Oben AC-1321 will work fine too and they used to have good build quality. The QR plate on the BA-106 ball head has a lever, but it is short enough to work fine with Planix. While the tripod is not as compact as AT-3535, it is much faster to set up.


Is it just me, or does a “standard” mounting plate not work with the Planix? The four legs on the Planix are in the way, and the mounting plate can’t be secured properly.

The tripod head is a Monfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ2


Plantar recommends the Manfrotto Xpro ball head with 200 PL QR plate for ease of use. We have been very happy with it. I think this is covered in the Planix manual, which you have to download from the Goiguide site.

I also asked this a while ago, no great solutions. This is the best thing I found (it’s out of stock from Amazon right now), keep this plate attached to the planix, attach the clamp to a plate of your choice (in my case a standard manfrotto tripod). When you take the planix out of the box you just need to pop it into this clamp then slide onto your tripod, meaning you can continue to use your regular tripod rather than having to buy another just because the feet are in the way!
The camera is pretty well ergonomically designed apart from that, hopefully the next model they bring out will have fixed that “buy a new tripod” issue!

Weird, this is the set up that I’m using and it doesn’t work due to the legs…

I have to open up the clamp to click the plate in from above, rather than sliding it in. But the clamp lives on a Manfrotto plate and I can slide that into the tripod head… I do have an extra plate on top of the Manfrotto head for a separate reason (I had to replace the quick release Manfrotto screw as it’s not reliable enough for throwing a tripod around the way I need to), maybe that gives it extra clearance?
It’s an absolute Frankenstein setup but it’s bulletproof for doing every job I could ever ask of it!

The combination I’ve found works great. I already have several tripods but this is specifically added for use w the Planix. You buy an inexpensive arca Swiss plate and the Innorel N52 ball head. It’s got all the leveling and flex you need and is very reasonably priced.

Try turning the QR plate so that it’s on an angle. On one that I tested yesterday, I had to turn it about 45 degrees and then the legs weren’t in the way.

Take the legs off … make sure you put the screwss back in or the bottom will come off …

Hate to say it, but pictures like this just document voided product warranty.

The feet design was optimized for multiple factors. Most QR plates, except really huge ones, will work fine. For the rare exceptions, an adapter QR plate can be used in between.

Feet are great for adding shooting flexibility - the camera can be placed anywhere - floors, window sills, tables, countertops, etc.

Increasing feet spacing to accommodate larger QR plates would lead to a larger camera cross-section with a cascading effect on storage case size (next size up would need to be used) and shipping dimensions and costs. Retractable feet would increase design complexity and probability of product damage due to user errors.

Then why do you sell a product that has issues being mounted on a tripod? How does removing the feet void a warranty? The feet are replaceable. No electronics were disturbed? I would say removing the Theta and replacing with another camera would void the warranty as well. but I saw discussions on that.

The product was not designed to be used with every QR plate. Just like Macbooks no longer have USB A, HDMI or Ethernet ports and require an adapter. It was designed to allow users to replace Theta, however.

You still didn’t answer my question. How does removing the feet void the warranty. Can you show me the documentation on that?

But I can disassemble the top and take 4 screws out … replace the camera and that is okay … but I am not able remove 4 feet that are in the way to put on my QR that I have multiples on. I need to go out and buy a new release to accommodate a poor design. I replaced My M5 with this because of the failure of the second camera in three years on it. If the hardware survives like the M5 tech I will be fine … So if any of you did what I did … And I suspect their are others … Put the feet back on before you send back for warranty work.

Because that is part of the assembly, not disassembly.

Thank you Alex. I got the tripod you recommended and it works great

We recently bought a 1321 and it’s decent. I did notice the QR plate tends to loosen up very easily, however. We have 4 more on order and some 3565s. I’ll see if the new ones do the same.