New Stitch feedback

We are looking for feedback about the new Stitch (6.0.6).

Right now we received mostly positive reactions, but also a few complains about changes in the tool’s behaviour (like the zoom to fit functionality when changing between panos) and issues with 4K displays that are going to be addressed soon.

Coming functionalities are auto WB and global vertical alignment.


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Thanks for asking. Our biggest one for us is that we love the new presets function but are wondering why the Copy and Paste function was removed?? It is still something that we would like to use.

Agreed. Gotta have copy/paste or another way of duplicating edits across panos.

The presets were a request that we had but turned out that copy/paste were behaving almost exactly the same as save/load, so we opted to remove it (the number of buttons was starting to increase significantly in that dialog).

This is a good discussion since it involves trade-offs and we don’t have the definitive answer. What do others think? Did you try to use save/load as copy/paste?

Many aspects are improved. Really struggle with the movement of the panos. The telescoping causes some challenges

Other than that, nice upgrade

Thank you George,

Could you better explain what is your difficulty? Did you try to use space bar to switch between panos? It should be much faster now to do that?


Some comments:
“load property” should be renamed “load project” to be in line with Survey?
When zooming on the map, zooming is centered on current cursor location. I think it would be better for zooming to be centered on the project map
Selecting panos on the tree view on the left recenters the map view and changes zoom level, this is disorienting. My preference would be for the map to maintain a zoom level and to remain centered when selecting different panos.
Image adjustments: levels/gamma: I think the window reporting the number is too small for the values to be displayed completely. As I adjust the levels slider from the left towards the right, the window reporting the value displays 0 to 9 then 0 to 9 then 0 to 9, etc. I think it is trying to count from to 100 but is only displaying the final integer in the value. If I reduce the right slider to less than 100 I can then see the values of the left slider.
I like the histogram
I like that I can view/edit panos after they have been disabled
I like that I can set initial pano direction

Looking forward to the next version!

My first time using the software totally threw me for a loop. I could not function with it and immediately went back to v5. I sent a bug report and it was responded to immediately. Two days ago I had a small tutorial with Chris and have come away with a much better feeling about the software and its new features, and the changes that are on the horizon. I still feel that forcing us to stop using stitch5 in 1 week is a little too aggressive, but am looking forward to the new versions.

Stitch 6.0.7 was released this afternoon containing small fixes, including suggestions from this thread. Let me know if you have any problem with this update.


  • Add Ctrl+C/V and clipboard preset to the align dialog;
  • Disables zoom to fit when switching between panos;
  • Add support to inches with 1 decimal place;
  • Fix a range issue with blue channel in the histogram;
  • Notify Survey updates;
  • Fix default values for export/brand photospheres;

We have another bit of feedback for stitch - you can change the file listings to read 000 then 001, etc but right now the list starts at the last pano you did on the level and works down to where you started in the level. It would be better if it defaulted to “arrange by name” automatically. Again, you can change it to do that, but you have to do it for each level and for each house you can’t set it to globally work that way upon import. The way you had it in stitch 5.x was better.

Thank you Phill for point out this issue. I’ll fix that in a future release.

I’m just wondering what the difference is between “Disable in Portal” and “Hide” in regards to the panos.

More feedback:

  1. Where can I enter or change exterior wall thickness?
  2. Select Panoramas (hold Shift) does not allow me to select multiple panoramas

Hide is local. This property is not saved or exported with the property.
Disable in Portal is used by the portal to know which pano should be accessible to the users.


  1. Click on the Building name (i.e. Main Building) or the Floor name (i.e. Main Floor). It will display a new dialog with this and other settings. If you set the ext wall thickness to the building, you don’t need to set to its floors since it’ll be inherited.
  2. You need to hold Shift and click each one of the panos, or drag the rectangle around the items you want to select. But for all other uses, use the space bar.

Holding shift while clicking does not allow me to select multiples. I’m using a Mac in case that helps you troubleshoot.
Another item: editing panos: One button says “Prev Pano” and the next says “Next Room”

And: hitting Next Room while editing through all the panos does not return me to the top of the list after I reach the bottom. Maybe it should? Maybe not. Just a comment.

Hi Doug, I just tested here and it is working on Mac.
You just need to click exactly over the panorama centre or the point cloud. It will appear as white when it is ok for you to click. It was developed to be precise.
For quick selection, you should use the space bar. In this case the tool will try to select the pano with the best view to the position under the cursor.
Let me know if it still is not working for you.

Thanks for pointing the UI inconsistency. I’ll fix it soon.

ahha, I’m trying to shift-click to select multiples in the menu tree and not on the map

Personally, I prefer the new preset/save function over the old copy and paste option. I found that with most properties you’ll end up with 2-3 different lighting scenarios/edit settings. With the new setup I can save each scenario/settings as a preset and then have them available. Much quicker than the copy/paste method.

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Overall the update is great.
Only glitch I’ve found so far is with setting the initial pano direction. I’ve been setting it by using the shortcut D and then double clicking in the green box when it is in the spot on the pano I want to be the initial direction. I dis that for each room.
On the iGuide it isn’t loading the initial pano direction though.
Am I selecting the pano direction incorrectly?