Insurance for operators (Ontario, Canada)

I’m just getting my business started and realize I need better insurance (I have photographer’s insurance). iGUIDE says: “We strongly recommend getting a liability insurance and also advise adding to the policy equipment coverage and errors and omissions insurance.” The policy equipment coverage and general liability doesn’t seem to be a problem but I’ve had two companies who offer photographer’s insurance not be able to provide the errors & omissions (which, I believe is under professional liability insurance). Has anyone found a broker in Canada who will cover this specifically? Thanks!!!

I have mine through Professional Photographers of America…Great organization to belong to… I would check with them…under

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Try Zensurance, they are canadian and offer a full package for the industry


I am just starting up as well in Alberta. Any recommendations would be appreciated as I too am having difficulty getting the E&O insurance. Photography and business insurance is not the problem it is the RMS measurements that seem to be misunderstood by brokers.

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Exactly the problem I’m having : )

Definitely going to give them a call, thanks!

I went through the process of educating Zensurance about iGuides last year. It was a grueling, time-consuming process, but they know all about it now.

That’s who I’m using.


Thank you for doing that! I just submitted a request for a quote. Fingers crossed!

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Excellent. Thanks Jason and Leroy. I will contact them as well. Cheers

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I have just finished speaking with a Senior commercial Broker who is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He does a lot of work for professional photographers that specialize in realty / real estate, (stills, video, interactive floor plans, drone, iGuide technology and laser measurements)

His contact information is 647-478-5352


Thank you for passing on this information!

I use Smith Petrie -

$2k year !! Is that inline with what others are paying for E&OE (NOT general business insurance - just measurement liability)

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Just an FYI, I was all set to get a policy with Zensurance but was just informed “that they would only be looking to provide cover for the photography services and that iguide is outside of their scope.” I am not sure if this just relates specifically to my application or if there is a misunderstanding about what they cover. If you are with them, it might be prudent to double-check that you have the coverage you think you have.

In my case it is most definitely covered by Zensurance. They didn’t know about iGuide until I spent a couple of weeks going back and forth answering their questions about it so they understood how it works.

I would push the issue with them because they do cover it. I wonder if you spoke to an agent that wasn’t thorough?

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Leroy would you happen to have any images you can provide us to then send to them if they’re having issues accepting us?


thank you for the info about I am still very new to the photography field but will bookmark this for later when I am ready to make this more than just a hobby.