iGuide with Aryeo

Hello All. New here. Been RE Photog for about 5yrs. Been using the z1 for that time using different 360 programs. Decided to go for this. I been using Aryeo as my photo delivery system and my clients love it. Does anyone else use it? Curious how you incorporated iguide with it.

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Aryeo was one of the platforms I considered a while back but I went with www.hdphotohub.com and I’m VERY pleased with it. IIRC this platform and Aryeo are very similar and I have several friends who use Aryeo and rave over it.

I would imagine there is a section on Aryeo for “Embedded Media” like there is in HDPhotohub. We just copy & paste the URL from our TOUR into that section and it adds it to the Property Website in a nice and organized manner. I would imagine there is a very similar option on Aryeo for the Virtual Tour link.

If you don’t see that, let me know and I’ll reach out to a couple of my friends who use that platform and get the guidance needed.

Again welcome to the forum and the iGUIDE gang.
Allen from NC, USA

Thanks. I know to embed everything. I was curious because, to me, the iguide report looks very similar to the property page we use.

My clients have become used to getting the iGUIDE report with all of the room measurements out front. Since starting with HDPH a month ago, I’ve been sending the iGUIDE report first, then the HDPH “marketing assets” after. I’m still wishing for a better unified approach.

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But isn’t HDPH the way to deliver the photos & Files? I use Ayero as my billing platform as well. Pay to download. So Ayero will have to be 1st for me.

HDPhotohub is photo/video/media delivery etc and Invoicing, Billing, Tracking, Scheduling… one stop shop.

Delivery only - Client pays to download (cost you $5)
Full Listing Site - Again client pays to download (costs your $15 total)

I’m not trying to sell you on anything I was just trying to give some advice on your question. I honestly thought you was asking how to incorporate iGUIDE into your delivery platform but apparently that is not your question at all. I tried :slight_smile:

my question was really, the iguide report looks like a property webpage from ayero / HDPH…

So I was wondering how you incorporate that, into your delivery methods…since it would look like 2 property pages to some of the agents I deal with …LOL

I’ve been using HDPH for about three months now and am very happy with it. It can serve only as a delivery method for your work, or as stand-alone property websites. It includes an amazing Marketing Toolkit for the agent, with customizable Social Media tiles, videos, and print materials. The iGUIDE can be embedded right into the website along with floor plans, room sizes, property description and map. Here’s one of my latest property sites. https://hd.pics/520234

As a back end system - with a bit of work - actually a lot of worthwhile work - you can build complete shopping carts for all your services - to simplify it I have structured the cart such that the client picks their home size first, and then everything else (packages or single services) is priced on that home size.

Clients can schedule the work right off my Google Calendar - the system is smart enough to know, based on what they are ordering, how long the appointment needs to be. So it only shows them appointment times that will fit.

You can also established preferred pricing for a client. You can set your system up that they have to pay with the order, or pay on delivery, or invoice them later. And the system uses Stripe to collect and submit payments to me, and it actually integrates with my QuickBooks as well.

What else can I say - it has changed my business altogether. Fortunately when I set it up things were pretty slow and I was able to focus in setting it up - because now I am run-ragged, and this platform has made my life so much easier now.

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Who populates the property description, price etc in HDPH?

Does this make more work with back and forth with the agents?

I basically deliver my images/tour/video and agents or their coordinators do up marketing.

I’m just confused how this system works

My process is as follows - I do not include client in the iGUIDE report email - it only comes to me and I forward when everything is ready. I need the iGUIDE report to complete my property site - I need the floor plans, room dimensions, branded and unbranded links.

I often use editors to process my HDR photos (not the iGUIDE) and those are usually received after the iGUIDE is ready, so again don’t want the client to get the iGUIDE report before photos are uploaded.

I do very little editing of the iGUIDE in stitch - a double check on alignments, maybe white balance corrections, hiding panos I don’t want seen, and adding aerial panos if done. It’s a 10 minute process tops.

Once my photos come back from editors I upload to both my property site and the iGUIDE. Then I send out my property site ready email. I don’t send the iGUIDE report until I am certain they have paid to download everything.

iGuide rep told me they need the panos to process the floor plan. So how do you get the iguide before panos?

Sorry for the questions. I feel like a Total noob right now.

With Aryeo, i copy and paste property description from zillow of available. If not, agent can fill in themselves.


This is my iguide workflow

  • Shoot property, watch for alignments as you go (you can see the scans lines apear as you go)

  • upload files to PC

  • open stitch and located project files

  • fine tune scan alignments in Stitch

  • edit pano images for colour/brightness etc

  • set starting pano for the tour

  • save it all and create the .TAR file that iguide drafters use to create the tour.

  • wait to get notification that the iGuide is ready

  • review it for errors

  • send to client

  • invoice client

It’s a mixture - but mostly it’s me - either taking from their social media feeds (most do a coming soon posting) or they send to me, or I take from MLS once it’s up. All depends on the agent and the computer skills mostly. It’s a bit of extra work, but appreciated by most agents. And there are some who do it themselves or have their assistants do it.

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So can you send the tar to iguide, outsource the panos, and upload them next day?

This is where im getting confused.

NO need to out source the panos - doing so would really slow things down. Stitch does most of the heavy lifting for you - as Dan suggests very little needs to be done maybe colour correction that’s it.

When you export the project to create the .TAR file, that bundles everything together - the panos the point cloud - everything they need.

I send my 5-stop HDR photos taken with my Canon camera to editors - as someone else said - it’s faster better and much cheaper if you factor in your time saving.

Ok… The 5 stop canon photos… Yes. I outsource that.

I have been outsourcing my 5 stop z1s as well.

I see that you can shoot hdr z1, or brackets. Most suggest -5/+2? . Stich will merge these? Im looking for the window pulls.

You do take the deposit before you start?

This is a sidenote to the original comment. I’m just starting up my real estate photography company, and I am trying to research the differences between HDPhotohub vs. Aryeo. Can anyone tell me some major differences? They look similar, but Aryeo looks a good bit cheaper.

I like that HD photo hub advertises the ability to add copyright disclosure statements before you pay and pick up the photos. Does Aryeo do that as well?

Also, does the flyers that the iGuide can create compare in quality to these marketing services?


I use Aryeo and absolutely love the features it provides…online scheduling for the client, a year’s worth of their listings at a glance, etc.

I no longer send the report from iGuide, but link the branded and unbranded tours to the Aryeo page it creates. I copy the floorplans over in JPEG form to the Aryeo page. I dont have any agents who care about the analytics because properties are moving too fast for it to matter.