How much are you charging

I just got my first iGuide back. My step brother is building houses and I used 2 of them to figure out how to use the system. I’m adding drone shots. How much are y’all charging, what’s the going rate?

What I–or anyone else–charges means little/nothing to you if we’re not in your area. You have to determine what your market will bear and charge accordingly.

I charge from 3490 NOK (studio apt). For larger houses (300-400 sqm) I charge 5990 NOK. And different prices in between.

1 USD is about 10 NOK.

For commercial real estate and other businesses I charge 4990 NOK for the first 100 sqm and 15 NOK per sqm beyond 100.

This is in Oslo, so the markets may not be comparable, but hope it gives you an idea of a model you can use. Clients seem to be more than happy with the value for money they receive :slight_smile: