HELP WANTED at a fair rate!

I think I have just created a POST to the forum. Forgive my ignorance. However, it is clearly NOT clear to me if this is how it’s done? Can anyone see this? Please LMK.

Also, we’re interested in HIRING an iGuide trainer - someone close to Northern VT or NH who can spend 1/2 a day showing us how to get started. We have a NEW Planix Pro.


Save yourself the money. There are a ton of how to videos on the iGuide website. It’s pretty simple really.

You can literately practice scanning any space, your apartment/house/office. I started by scanning my apartment. Realized it was quite easy.

Thanks! I’m setting up and will learn trial and error and from VIDS.

BTW: DO you have a rate sheet you are comfortable sharing. We’re in Vermont - probably not competition, and have no frame of reference for pricing. TY!