Face Blur Options?

Is there an automatic Face Blur option in the iGUIDE process to help mask the identity of people who happen to be in the scan?

If no AUTO option is there a Manual Blur after the fact the identity of people who happen to be in the scan or family pictures or license plates etc?

We just shot a tour for a client who is very “Identity Sensitive” for her family members due to the nature of her occupation. The home has family pictures covering the walls going up the stairs from one floor to the next and again going down the hallway at the top of the stairs.

Full Disclosure - We shot this with Matterport because this REA isn’t sold on iGUIDE yet but I’m thinking in the future because I hope to transition over to iGUIDE only. This is an important point because if I had not been able to manually BLUR the pictures with MP I would have lost the job and made my REA look unprofessional.

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There’s nothing automatic, but have a look at Pano Image Replacement : Support Desk.

If you need to do this with multiple panos, it will take work to download, edit, and upload the edited panos. That’s why whenever possible, I have homeowners hide photos and sensitive belongings before the shoot. (e.g. public figures, law enforcement, etc.)


Thank you @LeroySchulz . As always your help is spot on and greatly appreciated. Out of literally hundreds of homes scanned last week was the first one to even mention “privacy” let alone demand blurring of all photos. I spent a couple of hours on every image in each scan (when dealing with 360deg images the pictures show up a LOT lol). Finally got them all blurred and everyone is happy.

I’m going to make a “Feature Suggestion” for a Blur Tool at the very least if not some type of Auto-Face-Blur option.


I requested this feature quite a while ago. It would be extremely beneficial for public areas (blurring out faces and license plates on vehicles.

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I’m glad that helped.

Fortunately, I haven’t run into a scenario where I’ve had to spend the time blurring out faces – yet. And I’m hoping not to. I’ll put some thought into how to automate this process even if it’s not something that Planitar can address.

Ive been in this situation before, and its quite frustrating. Even a basic blur button would be quite convenient if you could do it in stitch.

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