Edit images BEFORE Stitch?


Is it possible to edit the images before Stitch with my own programme (e.g. Lightroom, etc.)? I’m just not happy with the editing of the images inside Stitch.

I guess I can just edit the image (e.g. h1.jpg)

and then save it back to the same folder.

Thanks for your support.

As long as you don’t change the dimensions that would work. Are you aware that you can do that from within stitch? Of course it would only be for select images. Right click on the offending panorama, left click on show in folder and then on the image you want to edit right click on open with and select your program. Then just save the changes you make. When you go back into stitch right click on the pan and select reload. It’s actually not as time consuming as it sounds.

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Great advice - thank you very much!

That’s no problem. See Editing Panos before upload : Support Desk.

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I sometimes edit with Lightroom. The problem is, Lightroom will not over-write the source file - even if it asks you if you’re sure you want to over-write it!!! So I have to save them elsewhere and manually move them into the right folders, and that is time-consuming. Photoshop will over-write though.

I use a program called Aurora HDR. It’s been such an amazing program for my iGuides.
It’s AI will read the image and auto optimize it and from there you can make your changes. I only bump up the saturation and textures a bit with my preset I made.

I don’t shoot with the Ricoh HDR. I use the -5EV/+2EV setting. Might take a few more seconds for the scan but I get better results with it image wise.

I did a comparison with all the different modes on the iGuide as well to see how they looked after I ran them through Aurora HDR as well.

Now with that all said, I make sure I have stitch open with my iGuide before I do any edits. Stitch seems to “optimize” the image when you load your iGuide. So to prevent it from making your photos worse, open it first with your iGuide!! Then as you edit each photo and save it. Right click on that scan and click “Reload”. NOT re-import.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Evan, this is a nice comparison layout. Do you run into camera lock up issues while shooting in -5/+2? I can’t get more than 6-7 panos at that setting and the camera needs to be turned off because of lock up!

I don’t even bother trying anything other than the default Ricoh hdr it’s so frequent.

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I had this issue until I upgraded the firmware on the theta. It still happens from time to time but not nearly as bad.

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Thank you for the examples!

I also use Aurora HD, but last time I replaced the images on the portal. It seems that I can already do this on Stitch. I also noticed that Stitch does an initial automatic edit.

Do I understand the procedure correctly:

  1. edit image using Stitch.
  2. save image.
  3. open image via Stitch.
  4. open, edit and save with Aurora HD (or another programme).
  5. reload under Stitch.

Thank you very much!

My Procedure is

  1. Open Stitch with your iGuide
  2. Navigate to your first h1.jpg and edit in Aurora HDR
  3. Save h1.jpg in the same folder and overwrite
  4. Right click on scan # in stitch and click reload.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each image you want to edit.

By selecting reload in stitch, this just reloads the image.

If you click re-import, stitch will do it’s automatic edit and ruin your edited image.

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