Brand new planix pro for sale

Hey all!! Im looking for a used Planix PRO. Located in Calgary, AB!

Still available?

I use the ims-5 system and love it. My clients like the floor plan model over the doll house view and no ongoing hosting fees.

Im considering the theta for speed but want to know if the quality is the same or better than the original system.

I dont do a tone of tours but the system has paid for itself in business.

Anyone selling the theta pro system please email me.

Yes it is available

Is yours still available? How much and why are you selling

$1800 and I am not using it at all. It has been out of the box once but there just isn’t a market for it in my area.

Did you ever use the older IMS-5? How is the quality of the tours in comparison?

The IMS-5 has much superior finished quality photospheres. The planix is fast and dirty despite the updates.


So a noticable difference in image quality? I need high quality

You will notice a difference in image quality when comparing the Planix to IMS-5. The key word, IMHO, is “You”. I had the IMS-5, sold it, and moved to the Planix, primarily because a) Much faster to shoot a space, b) I have the option of offering ‘floor plans only’ at a lower price point, but still worth it because it takes just minutes to scan when you don’t need to get out of the way of the 360 camera, and c) “Easier”. Here’s the total number of complaints I’ve since received from clients about the difference in quality: 0. None. Not a single one.

Now it’s worth noting that I offer iGuide as an addendum to my primary offerings of photos & video. If my business were to be built around 360 tours primarily and if I were offering a somewhat more premium service than the competition, then I might consider using the IMS-5 over the Planix. Heck, I might consider using The Other System That Shall Not Be Named (which I also had and ran away from when it became clear just how burdensome it was in so many ways, not the least of which is hours to scan a home), because it looks pretty good.

So, again IMO, if it’s a business decision, Planix. If it’s an aesthetic consideration that you can’t get past, then IMS-5.

Here’s a shoot using IMS-5 when I had it:

And a recent shoot with Planix: