Brand new planix pro for sale

Awesome, if you could email me at that would be great.

Just did :slight_smile: Thanks

I still have mine for sale and can send a video. I would post here but it won’t let me. 1750! Only used once!

I am noticing that many of you are selling your equipment. Is business not going well or are you all looking to purchase equipment from another company?

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For me we had started a small photo business with a realtor group but things did not go as planned with the group. We decided to fold the business.

According to you guys, which is better Matterport or iGUIDE?
I Think iGuide is slightly less polished, and technically not quite so ambitious. However, it fulfills the needs of most clients, provides excellent accuracy,
and allows photographers to get the job done faster.

My client’s like the look of iguid much better and it’s cheaper and you own the footage. So that’s also a reason for iguide verses matterport.

According to you guys, which is better Matterport or iGUIDE?

Ford vs Chevy. Mac vs PC. Android vs iPhone. Pasta vs pizza. It depends. But you’re asking this question in an iGuide forum, so you’re likely to have answers that support iGuide.

For me and my clients, there’s no question that there’s a preference for iGuide for many reasons. From the simplicity of the viewer, to the interactive floor plans, to the accuracy of the measurements, to the customer-focused support that Planitar provides, to lack of hosting fees, and many other reasons.

Just today I was booked for a shoot by a new client. Before he became a realtor he was a Matterport photographer. He still has his Matterport, but after I shot an iGuide of his own home for one of my existing clients a couple of weeks ago, he wants iGuides from now on. That’s an anecdote, but one that repeats frequently.

i guide ease of use is 1000x better

i opperate both iguide and matterport (contract work so its their unit)

and iguide is a free machine you can do as you please where as matterport you have to make sure each scan is close enough to one another for it to align. i yet to see any advantages to matterport other than it creating a virtual 3D space

Is this still available?

Still available?

Yes mine is available

Sent you a message

I have a iGUIDE PLANIX Core for sale. Comes with box and all accessories. I only used it 2 times.
I’m asking only 750,-
*iGUIDE PLANIX Core is only the lidar scanner

Is it calibratable if you get a thetaz1 separately?
If it is im willing to buy it

Is yours still for sale?

Mine is. Planix Pro in the box

Yes, mine is calibrated. Let me know


I am in SC and interested in your PLANIX Pro. Would you please email me pictures and or video of your unit?

Thank you!

Robbie Gregory

Howdy, I’m interested in the core only! My email is