Best Tripod and quick mount

New to IGuide. Any best ideas for tripod and quick release mounts? I know that IGuide has some recommendations but want to make sure I ask the group before making a purchase. Thanks!

I’m using manfrotto with their quick release plate (not arca) and it works pretty well. Been using that system forever. That said, I had to remove one of the feet on my planix to accommodate the thumb release. Works well though! Hope this helps you some.

I use the same Gitzo tripod that I shoot my still photographs. I have an arca Swiss plate permanently attached to the Planix. It’s a quick twist of a knob to attach it to or remove it from the tripod.

I would suggest not removing the feet of the Planix. I recall seeing it mentioned in here that it voids the warranty.

I use a K&F Concept, light and quick to open and fold up.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I have a few tripods for my Matterport cameras. Maybe buy another quick release and attempt the Manfrotto tripods I have already.

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Here is another tripod for your consideration.

4DKanKan Pro Tripod

The tripod is specifically designed for the Chinese made 4DKanKan VR camera which has some impressive specs but the tripod should also work with any other VR camera.

What I like about this tripod is that it locks into a wheeled base that provides it with more stability and makes it easy to glide the VR camera across the floor.

On a side note I am extremely impressed with the features of the 4DKanKan pro camera and VR Tour software, however from a security standpoint I do not like that all VR Tours from the 4dkankan camera must be processed by servers hosted in China.

I use a Manfrotto 055, a leveling head, and a arca swiss quick release.
Below is a link to the leveling head. I don’t need a ball head or any other kind. Then I use the level in the camera.

Leveling head

I am using something totally different. A cheetah light stand. It does the trick

Another trick you can use if the 3d camera is light enough is to use a $75 Mic stand with a thread adapter for a camera mount.

Ideally the the mic stand should have a metal base that is around 7 to 10 lbs. This setup works nicely because the base provides good stability and with a single pole you can easily hide it all under a smaller nadir patch

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I’m using an old Velbon tripod from the 70’s. Love it. Benro geared head.

Using the manfrotto quick release. Works great. Removed one leg on my planix. Maybe I still have 75% warranty? :man_shrugging:t2:

Great idea

I use the cheetah light stand for photography. It is super easy to move and stays level. the legs collapse when you lift it and spread when you place it at the new location.