Zillow not publishing Matterport Virtual Tours

My client tells me that Flex MLS is telling her that Zillow will not publish Matterport virtual tours. Has anyone had issues with Zillow and publishing Matterport? I know they have their own 360 program Zillow 3D Home.

I spoke with our Florida Representative (I’m also a Realtor in GA & Fl) and because Zilliow offers their own VR Walk Thru, they will not allow 3rd Party VR Tours. We were successful at uploading our tours to listings but shortly after, Zillow removed them.

Not sure why you’re posting about Matterport here.

But no, Zillow has their own proprietary tour.

So, while you mentioned Zillow and their new smartphone-enabled virtual tours, what sort of feedback or advice to you or any of our members have on how to convince realtors that there efforts wont do the trick and the NEED the services of professionals? I m brand new to this forum, theIGuide and this marketplace, but would appreciate any/all guidance?


Not quite sure what you’re asking. It’s a challenge (always) to make realtors understand why it makes sense to spend money on services we offer. As usual, you have to show them they need it rather than you just trying to tell them how great your services are. If they don’t believe they need it, they won’t spend the money.