You-tube video links vrs drop box or other public share

Clients don’t like it when other videos from your you-tube channel are shown after your video plays. I have auto play turned off on you-tube but it still shows other videos if you click on the Video tab in iGuide afterwards. Anyway around this? Perhaps upload the video to another platform? Thanks.

The autoplay just stops it from happening while you are watching videos and not for others who are visiting your channel or other channels. It’s a setting everyone would have to click off. I do know how to stop this by altering the embedding code when you embed a youtube video into your website but this may have changed over the past couple of years. Let me know if you want the code if you are embedding into your website to self host the videos for the portal.

I do know there is a way to choose what your end screen shows. I have done this before for my marketing clients that wanted to promote additional related videos they had. Maybe give that a try and place the same realtors other videos or you could just tell your client to turn auto play off on their youtube account so they think it stops now :rofl:

Best to use Vimeo for videos attached to IGuide to avoid this issue. We separately deliver via Dropbox but videos don’t play well on Dropbox.

thanks amd good idea…I like you-tube for its SEO related advantages so will try to make that work

Thanks, Its for linking to iguides so no embed code options. May have to live with it for now until I find away to tweak you-tube behavior

We post to Youtube separately for our own SEO. Hoping that helps.