Will Planitar give us an iGUIDE app?

Does anyone else wish for a slick app that you can open to a great iGUIDE - easy for us to show agents, for agents to show sellers, for sellers to use and understand it.

Realtors could have it on their phone all the time, because they never know when they are going to get that referral!

Save an iGuide bookmark to homescreen on iOS or Android and you have the app. This is the way Steve Jobs intended webapps to work.

Thats a good solution! Thanks.

NO, please not another app. I have enough apps on my phone.

I love the way it currently displays on any device. This is an elastic and responsive design that transcends the viewing device and browser. Well designed, easy to use.

Please also consider SIGNIFICANT IMPORTANCE of the off-line iGuide, you would not be able to use it if an app was required. I feel it’s is an extremely enticing feature of this product, a value-added product that you can resell if you choose. It’s money in your pocket.