Why so many photographers sale their own planix camera?

I noticed so many photographers selling their own planix camera. i am just wondering why?
i have IMS-5 and always thinking to get planix camera to save more time while i am shooting with iguide camera.
is it because of the real-estate market and low inventory? or photographer not happy with the camera and the results?

I think there are some who bought-in due to the fantastic marketing promise “3D tour and floor plans of an 8,000 sq ft house in 5 minutes” (I exaggerate…) and who believed that “if you buy it, they will come.” I not only bought my IMS-5 in the late summer of 2020, I put iGUIDE® on the side of my truck, on my business card, my jacket, my shirts, created packages that included iGUIDE®, talked-it up to every new client I brought on board, and promoted it in every ad or email I sent. Within a few months as my clientele grew from zero, I was able to boast that 90% of my jobs include iGUIDE®. I now own 2 x IMS-5s and probably pay Planitar one of their drafters’ yearly wage. Everyone wants to believe that a piece of equipment will make their business grow, but those who don’t commit to promoting it are destined to give up and list it for sale here. That’s my take.

P.S. I don’t think Planitar intentionally over-sold the Planix-experience because they wanted to get paid for the equipment - they make more money off processing. They just put it out to a booming market that was eager to believe that this would be easier to operate and sell than it is. Business is hard, and those who can achieve hard-fought results will prosper in any kind of market.


I wonder whether Covid had a lot to do with it. For awhile there, RE was the only photographic pursuit where a 'tog could make money! Granted, it was a boom time (for me and my area) and there were opportunities I suppose, but like Toddwaz I added IG to an already existing, successful business. Based on the number of “I got this system and only used it twice so am selling”, I’m assuming people thought they could just buy this thing, hang out their shingle on social media, and the world would beat a path to their door. Doesn’t usually work that way of course.


We are an established real estate photography business and photograph 30-40 properties a week and are luckily staying busy with it. We added IGuide to our existing business and just can’t seem to get it sold in our area. I think we have used it on 30 properties. The realtors in our area seem to still prefer standard real estate photos & video.

When I bought my IMS-5 it sat on the shelf for about 4 months… Most of the agents in the area were used to other platforms. It wasn’t until the pandemic happened that I really marketed virtual tours heavily and started to get some traction with it. Once the shut down happened in Cali I went from 3-5 tours a month to 45 orders in 3 days. Now agents are used to it and love it. It can take some time to build a segment of a business. from the complaints I see about iGuide and their competitor, most photographers feel that if they buy an iguide or their competitor, they should have an automatic customer base which isn’t the case. I think that some people are great at being photographers but suck at the business side of things. Anyhow i’m all for people selling them! I’ve bought a couple used and enjoy the discount! currently have 4 IMS-5s and 2 Planix Pro’s.

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I agree in some ways. When I started, and now I am done, I had to convince Planitar that I was a good enough photographer to buy the camera… a few years later, new direction and from zero to six cameras in my market, there was a realization that there is and was a difference.

I thoroughly appreciated the support, the training, and the camera itself… I am no longer in business, and that is partly due to the ease that others acquired the camera which was not the same for me?

I would guess there’s a ratio that for every iGuide camera that comes up for sale here, there are 25 or 50 or more iGuide photographers staying too busy shooting properties to spend time in this forum.

Just before the holidays I went for lunch with several local iGuide shooters. This forum came up. Some of them didn’t know about it, most of them just aren’t the type to spend time in forums. All of them stay busy, as do I.

There are so many conceivable reasons why someone might sell an iGuide camera, from personal to business to societal. I saw many non-real estate photographers impacted by the pandemic who hoped that offering real estate photography would be a way to offset the drop of revenue in other sectors. So they bought iGuide cameras, hoping that the camera alone would be a business magnet. But it’s just a tool – much like a lens or a studio strobe or a gimbal. Without putting together a business plan and devoting time and energy to gaining and retaining clients, there won’t automatically be traction. Not everyone is in it for the long haul.

In the meantime, I’ve bought some of the second hand cameras that have come up for sale here because for my business they are a solid investment.


I must agree with you Leroy. When I purchased my first iGuide, it took me two weeks to take it out of the box due some some contents originating from this forum. Now I have two of these and I am spinning my business more into the measurement side of things (hence why my business is called MeasureMySpace). This machine does way more than 3-D tours, spin it that way. If your competitor is pushing the 3-D tour, then you push the as build floor plan. Create your own space, it will take some time, however it will pay off.


My camera is for sale Leroy…Planix Pro

I need $2000 if your interested…

I’m good for now.

I was also interested in this, thanks for the information