Why is everyone selling?

Why is this forum turning into a fire sale? Seems everyone is selling!! Did i miss something?

That’s not unlike looking at the number of cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale on Facebook Marketplace and wondering if humans have moved on to intergalactic travel. Not quite yet, unless you can afford to build your own rocket shaped like a… Planix. :slightly_smiling_face:

No doubt there’s a wide range of reasons for someone selling anything, including camera gear. With the iGuide system, I’d expect that the explosion of market awareness and popularity will lead to an increase of second-hand gear coming up for sale.

In my general region I’ve seen new operators buying into the system but not putting in the work to learn it and make it work and quickly putting the gear up for sale. I also know lots of colleagues busy making a profitable living with it. I can happily say that I’m in the latter camp.

I tried all kinds of advertisements including adwords, even sms campaign and nothing…

I also provide aerial photography

How to find clients, I am in South Carolina if anything?!??

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