Why iGuide? and the reason I love this system

I’ve seen some negative posts recently and I just don’t understand how anyone could not love this system.

When I got my (IMS-5) iGuide a few years ago, I had no choice but to jump in at the deep end. I had two or three project to do every day, for three weeks, in the winter (when light fades by 5 PM) I was pushed for time and had no choice but to learn quickly.
Honestly, it was not that difficult, once I knew I had to perform.
Don’t let fear of looking like you are not confident hold you back. You won’t regret it.

The first few projects were a bit of a struggle. I did have to learn in a hurry. I did have a few ‘moments’ but by the third morning I was a pro.
I got some great advice, for instance, one person suggested a strap for my iPad that looks like a camera strap. This was a huge help, letting me always have my hands free when I needed them to be free. This forum is full of great advice and many folks who are only too eager to help (Leroy, I don’t know how you keep up with so many posts)

I believe that part of the package that comes with an iGuide is a few free tours, before you start to get billed. This allows you to make those dumb mistake and learn.

Not everyone will want a virtual tour and indeed, last year, all that people needed was a shot of the front of the home, so the home would list on the MLS and they would get multiple offers. It was not a great year for me (make that two years)

But the people who appreciate the added value, still wanted tours and I ticked along.
I didn’t do the best job selling as I do have another business that has me travel out of state quite a bit, so I’m hesitant to take on too many clients and then let new clients down.

These is no reason to struggle learning how to use this system.
The amount of training material materials is terrific.
The weekly Q&A calls and tech training calls will fill any of the knowledge gaps you might have.
The chance to do a couple of tours and not have a drafting charge, lets you learn on the job (yes I did indeed make money on my ‘no charge’ projects.

I may not be the fastest at capturing a project. I like to align as much of the project as possible, while I’m still in the home. This is opposite to how Chris likes to capture a home, but it’s an approach that works for me.
When I get into a project, I usually pick the front left or front right of the first floor and work from that point. Then pick that same point on each level.
I’m always looking for angles or corners that I can match up, so my floor plan gets assembled very quickly.
The few extra minutes this takes in the home means, I spend almost no time in Stitch.

I’d gladly help anyone that needs some help, because I believe in the system that much.


Great post, Peter. There are problems with iGUIDE, as there are with any system. But I believe the owners are committed to make improvements to help us out.

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Thanks Mark. And to amount of access we have to the team at iGuide is also a huge benefit. They do definitely listen to us.

Dear Peter, I like iGUIDE and my IMS-5 but there is still some work to do.
Planitar is selling their system all around the world but is focused on the US/Canada region and not willing to translate in other languages at least the viewer and the Floorplans infos. Some of us (from the rest of the not english/french speaking countries) offered for free to do the translations and there was no interest. Marketing material, measurement standards, languages… are pros for some users and cons for others. So … some people even if they liked the iGUIDE camera and potential … sold it. I will keep it and hope for more positive changes.

With regards to the translation into other languages that should be fairly easy for them to do as they can just create language tags for the 20 or so most common names for rooms like Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, ect… and make it available for us to create our own Language.ini or Language.txt file that we can import.

Room01 = “Living Room”

Room01 = “Le Salon”