When your client takes bad photos

I’ve been thinking about realtors who insist on taking photos themselves, and how to tell them that their photos really aren’t very good…
Or clients who use iGuide but insist on using their photos in the gallery, when the photos are not very good.
In the last example I don’t want my/our work (the iGuide) associated with imagery that is not consistent with the product I deliver. Maybe that or something similiar is the answer, but are there any other successful ways you have communicated to clients about poor listing visuals?

Wow, not good advertising for you. Usually I rely on the sellers to tell agent their photos are crappy. In your case it may affect you business as people will think you take bad photos. I wouldn’t do it this way, its not worth it. Make it a condition that you take the photos and tell them why…in a nice way.

I personally dont usually allow the client to use their own photos unless they are exteriors that were taken in a different season and they would prefer to use them (example summer over winter) even then I have said no to poor quality. At Prime Visuals the gallery photos are included in the price so we are doing them anyway. If the client insists on using photos of their own I specify that they need to be a certain size and most of the time they are not up to standard so we dont use them. The minute you get really technical with most realtors ie: pixel depth and file sizes/types they usually back off if they are being really pushy about the 375kb photo they took with the Blackberry.