What to show on laptop or iPad screen in trade show?

Hi guys. I’m attending my first Realtor convention as a vendor and there won’t be any WiFi to use. I want to show realtor how iGuide can help them and show some example but without WiFi I’m not sure how to do it. I was thinking of using my phone hotspot but not sure if it works perfectly. Any suggestions?

https://www.skyroam.com/solis These work very well.

It is best to download offline zips for several sample iGuides and run them from your hard drive.

WiFi at tradeshows is expensive and is very slow because of how many devices are trying to use it. Hotspot is usually slow too, because it also requires WiFi. You can try using it and cache content in browser, e.g. your website, but having offline iGuides is a good backup plan.

Sorry for dumb question @Alex but how can I download those sample?

iGuide report and Edit page on the portal - look for the keyword Offline.

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I am able to view a downloaded iguide on my mac laptop (with no wifi) by 2x clicking on the index.html file in the iguide. How can this be done on a tablet or phone like my Android Moto x4 phone? opening the index.html in the downloaded iguide folder on the Moto X4 with Chrome results in a blank page