What office?

Hello all,

First of all thanks to everyone who posts in the forum, you are all very helpful. Now I have a problem.
A client sends me to an “office” to do a scan. Through email, she tells me that the “office” is 2200 sq. ft. When I get there, the “office” has not been built yet and is in a place where many offices are to be built eventually and is one big open space of 6800 sq. ft. The dilemma is that there are no boundaries for which the iGuide can measure because there are no walls except for the exterior walls of the building and so it scans the vast room in its entirety. I put a note in stitch while I’m editing but I’m still stuck with the 6800 sq. ft. I have only just received the report and so I have not put in a ticket. Has anyone else gone through something similar how should I handle the client side of things?

I would’ve told the client sorry, we only work on spaces that actually exist.
Our company also does VR work to create a space where it doesn’t exist. Maybe that’s what they were after?