What is the plan for IMS-5?

Have seen a lot of IMS-5’s for sale and have been considering purchasing. IMS-5 is no longer being sold on the iGuide website, and I’m wondering if there has been any official word from Planitar about when the IMS-5 will hit end of support/updates? Have not been able to find anything about sunsetting the product, and when the Planix was first introduced, I remember the webinar presenter saying that “there were no plans” to sunset the product… but that was awhile ago.

Not sure it’s worth the investment of buying IMS-5’s at a discount, only to have them obsolete in a few years.

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That’s the last I’ve heard as well. Since that was a while ago Planitar may have updated their plans but I haven’t heard.

I know many of us continue to use an IMS-5 for various reasons. For me, it’s been a proven workhorse that continues to work well, makes clients happy, and allows me to make a living. As an investment, it’s paid off in spades.

I recall that when the IMS-5 came out, the IMS-4 was supported for quite a while (for a few years, as I recollect) until it reached end-of-life status. The technological leap from IMS-4 to IMS-5 was massive. Since I suspect that the leap from IMS-5 to Planix/IMS-6 is less significant, I’m hopeful that the lifespan of the IMS-5 will be longer — but that’s just me speculating.

Some number crunching should clarify that for you. With my business model, I could justify buying a third IMS-5 because it would pay off in a few short months.