What is the average editing time for a 2500sq ft home with Stitch & or Lightroom?

It is wonderful to see that I can now shoot a 2500 sq ft home in about 20 mins instead of the 2 hours it currently takes me using Matterport. (Brokerage provided camera.) Naturally I’m researching the possibility of acquiring my own 360/3D camera.

I’m trying to understand how homes are processed using the Iguide. After I spend 20 mins in a home, I am to download the shoot on my laptop, edit out reflections and such in Lightroom, stitch all the panos together in Stitch,and then upload it to the Iguide Data Team? How much time does that normally take a technically challenged individual to do?

I spend an average of about 20 minutes per iGuide when I get home. I align scans, set pano directions, edit color balance and any color casts. When the iGuide comes back, I then edit out any bad reflections and remove the camera from any mirrors.

After you edit out any bad reflections and remove the camera from any mirrors do you have to send it back for reprocessing?

Do the finished Iguide tours belong to you?

No, there is a place where you can download the pano then upload it back to the tour. There is a time frame for this to be done, maybe two weeks, but I do it the day it comes back.

As far as owning the tour, you can download the tour after processed and host it on your own site.

I am competing with dedicated floor plan creators that show all the details of the home ie sinks toilets and islands so I provide premium iGuides for the most part in order to match that service. The demo that is shown is for the basic iGuide so the camera is never lowered in order to measure the islands or railings. If you have an island for instance you need to capture it from two corners to measure it. That also means you have to capture the bathrooms twice in order to measure the vanity. (Somebody please correct me if this is wrong)

I noticed that Chis does skip the closet across from the laundry which I thought for sure you would have to do. I would also have shot the pantry separately in order to capture the area not seem by the kitchen scan. I guess I don’t know the capabilities of the draft team so I shoot too many scans to make sure it’s not left up to the imagination.

I try to keep the camera level because of floors rarely being level throughout a home but I was told yesterday not to worry about that. I’ll try ignoring that today to see what happens. Also lowering the tripod for vanities and railings takes time, closets are still full of clothes so that remains the same in iGuide so some will still have to be removed? Maybe or maybe not.

Stitch is very good other than the alignment section where the wording is a bit backwards, you’ll figure that out.