What industry are you in if *not* in Real Estate Photography

I realize that a good majority of people using iGuide and similar products are Real Estate Photographers but I’m wondering if there are others in this group that are using iGuide for other purposes.

My company’s primary focus is handling insurance claims for commercial and high-net-worth clients. We are very tech-focused and imaging is heavily incorporated into all claims we handle.

  • 360 imaging
  • Aerial (drone)
  • Infrared (thermographic)

Producing iGuide 360 virtual tours with our claims gives us an excellent platform to document pre-existing, pre-mitigation, and post-mitigation conditions among other things.

I’m currently working in waste management and working a “side hustle” with drones and now 360 tours with commercial and domestic markets of interest to me.

Like the sound of the insurance data gathering you use it for. There’s a whole host of possibilities.

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We do mostly real estate but would love to break out of that box. Would love to hear your tips for entering different markets, for example, how to structure product offerings (packages?) and why your clients think iGuide is worth the money.


Good luck.
I probably shoudl have clarified that I was trying to see how others were using iGuides in those other industries.

I use it to capture the floor plan, scan data and as built for a Remodeling company. Knowing where every light socket and air vent is in a space and being able to measure digitally is crucial.


Nice. (and added characters because this ridiculous forum enforces a 10 character minimum).

Are you able to measure also heights? I don’t own a Planix and this is a very important feauture for me.

Hi Tony, it can indeed measure height.
Accuracy is a function of the density of camera images.
Most interesting is the ability to measure on diagonal.
I’m about to publish a white paper to post on LinkedIn.
When I get it published I’ll put a link here.
One example (not height, but accuracy) I did recently was a 10,000 sq foot church.
I physically measured the width of the 66 foot 4 inch church and then compared the ACAD *.dfx drawing the iGuide created. The difference was within 6 mm. That’s the variation of the baseboard in the Church. Truly an incredible tool.
I’ve been marketing to industry and architects. Lots of interest but still have to get an actual client.
One architect had something lined up, but then it fell through.
Just gotta keep feeding that funnel.


following - very interested in the white paper, too, Peter but the comments on accuracy are very encouraging, too.

I’ve done a couple of demo jobs and measurements in the tour seem to be extremely variable so I am keen to learn what I (as a complete novice operator) am doing that needs to be rectified/enhanced to aid better measurement outcomes.


Shaun, I’m using the sims-5 camera. I’m not sure if that makes a difference.
I also try to always shoot in a consistent grid (definitely not a hard and fast rule, but I do it when possible)
With that said, like you, I’m still experimenting to see how I can improve what I’m doing.
Always a ‘work in progress.’

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