What are the setting on the Canon T6i

Does anyone know the specific Canon T6i settings to get the pictures that result in the tours?
I have to admit the tour spheres are gorgeous, all without a flash. I’ll be darned that I have not been able to duplicate them even in post editing using my Canon T6i and a Canon 10-18mm wide angle lens. I feel inadequate :frowning_face: So far I do see the AEB on my T6i only gives a max of -2 to +2 spread, while the iGuide AEB has a much wider spread. The info would be very helpful.

You can check your iGuide’s exposure settings.

With still photos, you could use something like a Camranger or competing products to bracket using more than two stops and/or more than three photos.

I would also look at Android apps that can control Canon DSLR camera over USB cable or maybe even WiFi these days.