Walkthrough video created with iGUIDE camera

I used the IMS5 camera and floor plans to create a walk through video. Check it out:

The iGUIDE can be seen here: https://goiguide.com/csc

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My comments:

  1. You didn’t use the front stairs as directed by the signage!
  2. How was your bicep following this hike?

Nice Work Chris! I am intrigued to see how this continues to evolve!

My answers:

  1. Signage is usually optional (ie. stop signs)
  2. My bicep still has not recovered. I should have removed the camera from the tripod! Hindsight is 20/20

Did you notice that the camera position moves on the floor plan?

That was the best part on the floorplans, well done

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Looks good Chris. Was the camera position moving on the floorplan created in post production artificially?

Interesting, I’m looking into adding 3d video tours to our service offerings.

The camera’s position was added in post. It’s just an animated dot that moves in straight lines and is timed roughly to the video,