VR Pop-up Floor Plan

Tried out the VR system this evening and I really think you guys have done a fantastic job with it.

A suggestion I have to improve the functionality would be a button in which you could enable to lock the large floor plan below. We’re often changing the height level on the iGuide camera from room to room and as soon as I aim may head downwards to see what I was standing beside, the floor plan would pop up. This would happen in nearly every room.

Other than that, I found it very easy to navigate throughout the home, once i adjusted the headset to my eyes, everything was very clear and vibrant.

We picked up a bunch of Dreamvision by Tzumi headsets at Staples for $25 a pop. We’ll be raffling a few off at an expo next week to people who give the VR a try.

I also tried to play some music from Google Play while taking the VR tour. As soon as I hit begin on the tour, the music would stop.

If I could pick what tune I wanted to listen to while I shop for houses, that would be pretty tight :wink:

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