Virtual Staging Vacant House

I’m interested in virtual staging. It would mainly involve putting furniture in still photos of empty rooms in vacant houses. Is there software that does that or is there someone that provides that service?

I have tried a few, but the best and most affordable it Apply Design!! Check out my Facebook page @propicsta and you will see that I did 4 rooms yesterday and posted them

Hi we could help you with this.
We charge $18cdn per picture for staging

$5 cdn for day to dusk.

I would be happy to send over samples of our work. Please send an email address or visit

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Thank you

There are a number of companies that do virtual staging, and you can find them with a simple google search. They vary in quality and price. Generally, you will be paying in the $40-50/photo range for good quality staging from a large company. Avoid the low quality options…it’s more of a distraction than anything else if they don’t look realistic. Some stagers have decent quality but lack good colours/design instincts which can result in more revisions which slows down turnover time and turns off clients. It’s a good idea to try a few until you get the quality, price and service you are looking for. Send just one or two at first rather than a large batch because it can get pricey.

I am fortunate to have a couple of amazing stagers who do my virtual staging here at The Realty Photo Co. in Edmonton, AB. We deliver a very high quality product and I am happy to send you examples. You can email me at or visit my website at
Pricing starts at $25/photo with discounts on volume orders. $199/10 photos.

Virtual staging is available for 360 panos as well, though it is more expensive.

Good Luck!

I forgot to mention that there are a few software options out there as well though the ones I checked out didn’t seem worthwhile. You would still have to pay a significant amount for each photo you use the software on plus you would be doing all the labour yourself and their libraries are limited and often of low quality.
Another option, if you plan on doing a lot of staging, is to get high quality software and do it yourself. There would be a bit of a learning curve as the software is a bit involved. I don’t know which software, offhand, but perhaps someone else on the forum has some ideas on where to puchase such software.

Good afternoon
We provide Virtual Staging for all of north america
for vacant or furnished dwellings
In business since 2006
24 hour turnaround
$19 /image 1-5 images
$18/ image 6 or more images
If rooms are furnished we can remove existing furnishings and decor for additional $5/ image

Thanks to everyone for responding. You’ve been helpful.

Please do send over some samples of your staging work.
Thank you,
Paul Goldstone

Hey Paul, just visit my Facebook page “Propicsta” you will see recent staging tiles that I have posted

I’ve used box brownie for virtual staging 360s then replaced the panos in iguide.

When you provide virtual staging for your customers, do you virtually stage the 3D tour or only still images that you take?