Virtual Staging Toggle

I’ve had a number of customers request to have their iGuide virtually staged, but they still want to be able to view the iGuide unstaged since staging the entire thing can get expensive, but going from a staged spot to an unstaged one can look strange and a bit jarring.

I wanted to suggest a possible way to attach an alternative panorama to a spot that can be toggled to view (Ex. when you navigate to a spot that has an alternatively staged photo attached, a toggle appears in the upper right side of the screen to toggle the staging on or off).

It does seem odd, but like I said, I’ve had a number of people ask about it.

An alternate pano would be interesting, especially when you want to show before/after scenarios.

In the meantime, two ways of doing something like this that aren’t quite as clean:

  1. Set up two User Views. You’ll have one iGuide link for the unstaged virtual tour, and one for the staged virtual tour.

  2. Create two panos while onsite for each room that will be staged, with enough spacing between them that they won’t be rejected for being too close. One could be the unstaged pano, the other the staged pano.

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Hello Leroy,

I like you reply, can you contact me with instructions on how to do but of your option.

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