VIDEO: Is this the Matterport Killer? iGuide Planix vs Matterport

Here’s an interesting video that compares the user experience of shooting with the new PLANIX system to Matterport.

It’s good stuff!

What do you think?

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Emily is awesome! I’m awaiting delivery of my Planix, as soon as I get it I might make a more in depth video comparing the planix, vs ims-5, vs matterport pro2 vs BLK360 and maybe even a Faro.

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I’m a longtime Matterport user(Theta Z1) and just got my new Planix Core last weekend. I can’t wait to do my first scan with the ThetaZ1/Core setup and compare it to the Matterport I just did.

On our next Matterport project (I have clients who demand we provide a Dollhouse which means Matterport only) I’m going to do a MP and an iGuide to attempt a side-by-side comparison.


following :slight_smile:

Been Following. How was your side-by-side comparison?