Upsetting and the Value of a 3d tour selling point

I have a bunch or realtors that are saying I don’t need the d tour or we just need measurements and they want a discount . Is there an article on selling the full package. or a sales pitch that is effective. i am doing the same amount of work for a few clients and making less money. any feed back is welcome.

You need to get on the video today taking about this very topic. (in 20 minutes)

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Well sales pitch anyway :slight_smile:

In situations like that I tell clients that the process is the same whether they want the visuals or not, and that the drafters use the visuals to confirm their work. When they understand that, I haven’t been asked for a discount.

I can second this - the clients seem to think that less output means less work, but if you correct that assumption and let them know it’s the same amount of work in either scenario, they are pretty understanding in my experience, and view the extra visuals as a “bonus” they are getting.

Yep, that’s been exactly my experience.

Perry, I’ve found the same thing here in Calgary as there’s so many inexpensive measuring companies, tough to beat their price. For a new client that just wants measurements, I include their first tour for free then they get the analytics and hope they’re hooked.

i was out shooting when this was streaming is it online some where so I can view this

Perry, you’ll find all the webinars at

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