Upload Youtube link

I am just wondering if i can upload a video slide show from youtube to iguide page.
i made a video slide show for my Client and he asked me if he can see everything on one page for his MLS listing?
Thank you

Have a look at https://support.youriguide.com/support/solutions/articles/33000236700-add-an-external-video-to-the-iguide-viewer.

I added youtube video link to unbranded video link and in the drop down start option i choosed Video auto play and saved but the video option tap didn’t appear in the iGUIDE Viewer. should i do something else
thank you

Hi I have the same issue but the video upload works only if you drop the link into the Branded window. Then the video shows up in the iGuide. Don’t know why this is but works for me … so I put the link on both the Branded and Unbranded windows.

It’s not an issue it’s the way it works.

You need to put a video link in both. That way if the agent has a version of the video with branding information and the same video without he will be in compliance with the rules.

If you only enter the link in the unbranded there is nothing to show in the branded and vice versa.

Our local MLS doesn’t object to a video having the creators watermark on it, so if yours is similarly tolerant, why not put a branded video in both fields!