Updated and now Super Fast!!

Just wanted to shout out to the Planitar team for the last update (05/25/23). Did my first shoot today after the update and it was once again very fast! Love it! Thanks iGUIDE team!!

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What’s faster about it exactly? I haven’t used it yet with the new update?

Can confirm that this is faster. However, I did run into one issue where it said the Lidar was overheating and wouldn’t scan. After many reboots, I turned on “Lidar Power Saving Mode” and it solved my issue. Scans are a few seconds faster, enough so that I can’t let my ADHD brain go on a joyride while I wait for it to scan, lol

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Faster capture time… from when you press the “shutter” to when it’s captured and ready to move to another location.


:open_mouth: Overheating hey? Wow, sounds serious really. Did you have the live lidar feature turned on? It shows the green outline on your phone being updated live according to camera movement/placement.

I did. It was the first message I seen starting my second scan. But it wasn’t even warm. I’m thinking it’s something else. It never got hot at all doing 4 shoots that day. In fact it’s the coolest I’ve felt the planix since this update.

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Hey Evan,

We are going to reach out to you and collect some data via the Support Desk to help resolve this issue. Look out for an email from the Support Team!

Much Appreciated,

Product Support Team Lead


Hey Sam!

Thank you! I really appreciate that. I’ll reply to it as soon as possible.


Just a quick update for everyone. Spoke with the amazing customer support at iGuide and we troubleshooted the issue. It seems as though it was just a rare situation on my first shoot, as we could not replicate the issue. There hasn’t been an issue since, even with the lidar NOT in power save mode.
I scanned a 1800 SF home today in half the time it normally would take for me. It’s super fast and had zero issues!

I did update to the latest Ricoh theta z1 firmware and I have say if you haven’t done so already. Do it! The windows aren’t a complete white-out in scans. I can actually see what’s outside now.

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