Updated and now Super Fast!!

Just wanted to shout out to the Planitar team for the last update (05/25/23). Did my first shoot today after the update and it was once again very fast! Love it! Thanks iGUIDE team!!

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What’s faster about it exactly? I haven’t used it yet with the new update?

Can confirm that this is faster. However, I did run into one issue where it said the Lidar was overheating and wouldn’t scan. After many reboots, I turned on “Lidar Power Saving Mode” and it solved my issue. Scans are a few seconds faster, enough so that I can’t let my ADHD brain go on a joyride while I wait for it to scan, lol

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Faster capture time… from when you press the “shutter” to when it’s captured and ready to move to another location.

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:open_mouth: Overheating hey? Wow, sounds serious really. Did you have the live lidar feature turned on? It shows the green outline on your phone being updated live according to camera movement/placement.

I did. It was the first message I seen starting my second scan. But it wasn’t even warm. I’m thinking it’s something else. It never got hot at all doing 4 shoots that day. In fact it’s the coolest I’ve felt the planix since this update.