Unlock Replace Pano Images after 2 Weeks

We’re creating a virtual tour for a local craft brewery, taking advantage of some of the new hot spot tagging features of iGuide. As part of this service, we’re creating some graphics to help guide users through the virtual brewery tour.

It’s taken us some time to approve the look of the graphics with the client, and unfortunately, we’ve now passed the two-week period where we’re able to replace these panos with the new edits. Is it possible to allow iGuide editors to unlock this feature for a tour like this? In a commercial space, I could see there being reasons throughout the year to go back and replace panos for promotional purposes.


I have this same issue with commercial spaces. It really hurts the profit margin when you have to pay for another processing of these big spaces. there are often multi layers of approval needed in these large projects and this takes time.

Anything happen with this? To lock it after 2 weeks is ridiculous! I have to pay you for something I can do? I have a commercial space as well that needs to be updated. When did this become a money grab?