Unbranded video option!

This is such a simple fix. Add the option for both a branded and unbranded video to match the branded and unbranded iguide. Most MLS already offer this option, and you already have the code and system in place to be able to do this with almost ZERO effort. It’s killing me to have to use only unbranded videos even on my branded iguides, that way the unbranded iguide is to MLS code. No, I’m not going to disable my aerial video for the unbranded, because that defeats the purpose of doing an aerial video. If people don’t want a branded video, add a checkbox option to use the unbranded video on the branded iguide. I was told last year you were working on this, but it’s such a simple fix.


That would be an important addition. We always struggle with that explaining to the client but they want their branded video in their branded link and unbranded in their unbranded link.

I just create an “unbranded” iGuide and replace the branded video link with the unbranded video link and remove the branding banner.

It would be nice if it were cleaner than that, but that works.

I’ve spent $3,500 in iguides this year, on top of purchasing a camera, and I’m already planning to purchase a second camera soon. I try not to complain too much, but this is a pretty basic feature that should be quickly addressed.