Two IMS-5 Cameras For Sale

Located in Peterborough, Ontario, we have two IMS-5 cameras for sale.
Both cameras have been used and are in good condition. Both cameras have had the Canon DSLR bodies replaced by Planitar/iGUIDE at some point in their life.
The posted prices INCLUDE HST (for Ontario/Canada buyers). Shipping extra. I will invoice you from my company which will allow you to pay via credit card if that is your preference.
Cameras include Canon battery/charger and iGUIDE battery/charger, and are all good-to-go.
item 1: this one would be the lowest cost since the foam padding inside the carrying case shows the most signs of wear. $1000 CAD OBO, this one probably has more use on the DSLR body
item 2: a better condition unit, case in better condition, still shows some wear on the foam padding, less use on the DSLR body, $1250 CAD OBO
I am willing to work something out if you want to buy both at the same time. Best to email instead of messaging me here.

The original post has been updated with new pricing.