Tried the New IMS-5 Firmware Yet (v1.3.222)? It's Fast!

New iGUIDE Camera Firmware v1.3.222

Speed Boost!!!

This update decreases the time required to shoot panoramas. HDR processing is now performed in the background which means you can continue shooting instead of waiting for HDR processing to finish. Preview fisheye images will appear as they become available and the green power LED will blink while processing.

Re-center Map

You can now re-centre your data while shooting. When shooting a large property you may reach the edge of the canvas. Instead of growing the canvas size you can now move all the data to the centre instead. This option can be found in the Map Actions menu.

Format USB Drive

You can now format the USB drive while it is inserted into the camera. This can be done by tapping the Format USB Drive button found on the Manage tab. This can be used as a quick way to delete all the project data from the USB drive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will delete all the data from the USB drive permanently. Please be sure to backup all important data before formatting.

You can download the new firmware version through Stitch or from the iGUIDE Portal:

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