Transferring Photos Onsite

Hey all,

I’m starting to get very busy and can’t fit all too many shoots into one day, the max I can do is 3 by myself and that includes shooting, editing and delivery but that’s also up to a 16 hour day and only doing photos and iGuide, forget about doing video. Anyway…

My question is I can hire a photo editor, do 5 houses in a day but does anyone upload the regular photos they take on site to an editor for editing ASAP? And if so how do you do it? The best idea I have is after the shoot plug in my SD card to my phone via a card reader and upload them to google drive for my photo editor to edit right away. I have unlimited data so that’s fine. The other idea I had is to bring a laptop and an internet stick to plug into my laptop, not sure how fast the connection is with those, if it’s faster or slower than my phone data but I’m going for efficiency here. I’d rather not upload all the photos to google drive at the end of the day, late in the evening and my photo editor has to get them done by tomorrow, I promise 24 hour turn around on my iGuide and Photo Package. So…any ideas?

Any mobile internet solution you use (stick, hotspot device, etc.) is going to offer the same speeds as your phone. There is no difference in capabilities. It’s just a phone w/o a number, in essence.

I would suggest creating a DropBox account to transfer files to your editors.