total number of iguide

is there a place to see the total number of iguide you have created, not just the active ones on the portal, including the ones that have expired? Im not sure if plantar keeps track of this info.

Id too be interested in this. I counted mine before my 1 year mark but im past that now.

Just look at the roster of iGUIDES and go “Next” page by page back in history. I’m showing 707 since August 10, 2020, (includes a small percentage of photo-only) and 184 YTD. Each page has 20 jobs.

This is not really a job for Planitar to track for us. I would suggest that all of us are using a billing program to invoice our customers. Probably the most common would be quickbooks, but I know there are lots of competitors. It’s a very simple matter to make a custom report in most billing software. You can then run this report yourself and do the period of your choosing, from “all” to “last month” “last quarter” “last fiscal year to date” etc etc.


This seems like a task for CRM software, rather than the iGuide system.

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