Total area differences iguide and matterport

I had a project yesterday for which another agent did the measurement and scanning before using Matterport. The total area they took by Matterport was about 4000 sq ft without the garage. My iGuide scan shows 3800 after adjusting wall thickness. The measured wall thickness was 7inch and I changed it to 8 to make the floor area closer to what they got before. There is still almost 200 sq ft difference. Any idea why? And which one is more precise?

“With our time-of-flight lidar laser, the measurement uncertainty remains constant throughout the entire scan. With Matterport, the measurement uncertainty grows with distance, so you’ll get a less accurate number if you’re 15 feet away than if you’re 5 feet away. On a floor plan, iGUIDE measurement uncertainty in distance measurement is 0.5% or better and the corresponding uncertainty in square footage is close to 1% or better. The PLANIX system measures out to approximately 130 feet with just a 1cm uncertainty.”

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