Top Ten Reasons to Use iGUIDE

I was recently asked to provide a Top Ten List of Reasons for Agents using iGUIDE.
Can you add anything here?

“Top Ten Reasons for Realtors to Use iGUIDE”
From the home office in Sioux City Iowa

WINNING THE LISTING: iGUIDE will help the home reach the most prospective buyers, increasing the chances of selling faster and for more money

  • iGUIDE makes your home accessible to distant buyers who cannot see all the homes they want to look at
  • iGUIDE is the content buyers are looking for when searching for a home

WINNING THE LISTING: iGUIDE reduces inconveniences and disruptions during the preparing, marketing and closing

  • One contractor, one visit to create the floor plans, photos, measurements and 3D Tour
  • Fewer calls and emails from buyers and agents, fewer appointments, fewer walk-throughs

WINNING THE LISTING: Sellers have a high perceived value of floor plans. If an agent offers floor plans for the property the seller will think they are going to considerable expense to market the home

PREPARING THE LISTING: Agents will have all the critical property information created and given to them quickly to get the marketing started

  • One service call and appointment to create floor plans, photos, room measurements, floor area calculations and 3D property tour
  • iGUIDE Report has all the tools and details provided in a simple, concise report

MARKETING THE PROPERTY: iGUIDE has the tools buyers want when searching for a home (floor plans, photos, room measurements, floor area calculations and 3D property tour)

  • Detailed in the National Association of Realtors annual Profile of Home Buyers
  • If you want a buyer, give them the tools they want!

MARKETING THE PROPERTY: iGUIDE is the most engaging marketing tool for a property

  • The average iGUIDE visitor spends between 3 minutes 30 seconds to 5 minutes 30 seconds per visit. This is time buyers will spend looking at your home and nobody else’s.

MARKETING THE PROPERTY: iGUIDE has the information the real estate team needs to respond immediately to buyer questions and calls

  • Buyers expect immediate responses to questions, you don’t want to miss out on a sale because you did not have the information available

CLOSING THE SALE: iGUIDE has powerful tools (on-screen measurement and photo capture) that helps the buyer with planning, purchases, renovations

  • This means less hassle for the sellers and agents

FOR THE AGENT: iGUIDE is the most engaging media content in real estate, agents can use it to boost visits and visit duration to their listings and

  • Embedding iGUIDE in an agents page significantly improves their search
  • iGUIDE is engaging social media content to generate interest

FOR THE AGENT: Your competition is so why aren’t you?

For the Agent – it becomes part of their branding – they become known for showcasing their listings using state of the art technology.